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Date Title Preacher Scripture
07/14/19Reconsider Jesus VIRonnie WeaverMatthew 24:1-14
07/07/19Reconsider Jesus VRonnie WeaverMark 13
06/30/19Reconsider Jesus IVRonnie WeaverMatthew 12:6
06/23/19Reconsider Jesus IIIRonnie WeaverLuke 4:14
06/16/19Reconsider Jesus IIRonnie WeaverLuke 4:14, Luke 6: 20-22
06/09/19Reconsider Jesus IRonnie WeaverLuke 4:14
05/26/19Discerning God's Voice IIIRonnie WeaverHebrews 1:1-4
05/19/19Discerning God's Voice IIRonnie WeaverHebrews 1:1-4;
05/12/19Mary The Supernatural MomRonnie WeaverJohn 19:25-27
05/05/19Discerning God's Voice IIRonnie WeaverHebrews 1:1-4
04/28/19A Value of A DayRonnie WeaverPsalms 90:12
04/21/19When Good Faces EvilRonnie WeaverJohn 10:24-26
04/14/19"Truth"Ronnie WeaverJohn 11:17-27
04/07/19Trust in God When He Says NoRonnie Weaver2 Corinthians 12:7-10
03/31/19The Temptation to QuitRonnie WeaverLuke 22:39
03/17/19"Brokenness"Ronnie WeaverActs 27:43-44
03/10/19Gideon SundayKenneth BoyetteGideon Testimony
03/03/19"Feelings"Ronnie WeaverHebrews 4:14-16
02/24/19"Then"Ronnie Weaver2 Corinthians 12:7-10
02/17/19The Cost of Grace IIRonnie WeaverRomans 5:1-2;
02/10/19The Cost of Grace IRonnie WeaverRomans 5:1-2
02/03/19The Land of the UnknownRonnie WeaverGenesis 12:1-9
01/27/19Pastor AppreciationTommy MillardMark 8:36
01/20/19Social ResponsibilityRonnie WeaverGalatians 6:9-10
01/13/19A New World Coming IIIRonnie Weaver2 Peter 3:1-11
01/06/19A New World Coming IIRonnie Weaver2 Peter 3:1-11
12/30/18A New World Coming IRonne Weaver2 Peter 3:1-11
12/23/18A Child Is BornRonnie WeaverIsaiah 9:6-7
12/16/18The Heart of GodRonnie WeaverMatthew 9:36
12/09/18What About Mary?Ronnie WeaverLuke 2:1-7
12/02/18What Fear Looks Like IIIRonnie Weaver1 Samuel 18:1-9
11/25/18What Fear Looks Like IIRonnie Weaver1 Samuel 18:1-9
11/18/18Heart of GratitudeRonnie Weaver; Luke 17:11-19
11/11/18What Fear Looks Like IRonnie Weaver1 Samuel 18:1-9
11/04/18The Great ScoutmasterJames SwaffordVarious Scriptures
10/28/18OverwhelmedRonnie WeaverJohn 21:1-3
10/14/18A Confident LifeRonnie WeaverRomans 5:1-5
10/07/18The Keeping Power of GodRonnie WeaverJohn 16:24
09/30/18The Challenge of Change IIRonnie WeaverLuke 19:1-10
09/23/18The Challenge of Change IRonnie WeaverLuke 19:1-10
09/09/18TogetherRonnie WeaverGenesis 3:8
09/02/18Leadership: Towels or TitlesRonnie WeaverJohn 13:1-12
08/26/18What's In The Room IIRonnie WeaverHebrews 6:1-20
08/19/18What's In The Room IRonnie WeaverHebrews 6:1-20
08/12/18Advice to My ChildrenJames SwaffordVarious Scriptures
08/05/18FaithRonnie WeaverHebrews 11:6, Romans 10:9-11
07/29/18Dealing With Guilt IIIRonnie Weaver1 John 1:1-10, 2:1-3
07/22/18Dealing with Guilt IIRonnie Weaver1 John 1:1-10, 2:1-3
07/15/18Dealing with GuiltRonnie Weaver1 John 1:1-10, 2:1-3
07/08/18More IIRonnie Weaver2 Samuel 5:1-6
06/24/18When God Seems SilentRonnie WeaverHebrews 1:1-4
06/17/18Wrestling Is RealRonnie WeaverGenesis 2:7-9
06/10/18Understanding Struggle IIRonnie WeaverJob 9:1-2, 30-35
06/03/18Understanding StruggleRonnie WeaverJob 9:1-2, 30-35
05/27/18Ultimate SacrificeRonnie WeaverLuke 23:35-43
05/20/18Understanding Anger IIIRonnie WeaverEphesians 4: 25-29
05/13/18Memories to MomentsRonnie Weaver2 Timothy 1:3-7
05/06/18Senior Safety & SecurityRob WebbNone: General Presentation
04/29/18Understanding Anger IIRonnie WeaverEphesians 4: 25-29
04/22/18Understanding AngerRonnie WeaverEphesians 4:25-29
04/15/18More ThanRonnie WeaverRomans 8:37-39
04/08/18When God Closes a DoorRonnie WeaverIsaiah 55:8-11
04/01/18"Who"Ronnie WeaverLuke 24:1-6
03/25/18Teaching & Meeting Needs IIRonnie WeaverMatthew 15:21-28
03/18/18General Safety & SecurityArron BarnesNone: General Presentation
03/11/18Teaching & Meeting NeedsRonnie WeaverMatthew 15:21-28
03/04/18The Power of ChoiceRonnie WeaverGenesis 2:9
02/25/18Basis of Boldness IIRonnie WeaverActs 3:1-21
02/04/18Blessing of BrokennessRonnie WeaverGenesis 32:1-21
01/28/18Hope Against Hope IIRonnie WeaverMark 16:15-18
01/21/18Hope Against HopeRonnie WeaverRomans 4:1-3
01/14/18Understanding OppositionRonnie WeaverGalatians 1:1-5
12/31/17"Shoes"Ronnie WeaverRuth 4:7-9
12/24/17God Touched With Human HandsRonnie WeaverLuke 2:22-35
12/17/17Spirit of ChristmasRonnie WeaverLuke 2:1-11
12/10/17Abiding IRonnie WeaverAmos 9:11
12/03/17Problems, Perceptions & Praise IIIRonnie WeaverHabakkuk 3
11/26/17Problems, Perceptions & Praise IIRonnie WeaverHabakkuk 2
11/19/17Problems, Perceptions & Praise IRonnie WeaverHabakkuk 1
11/12/17When Things Don't ChangeRonnie WeaverJohn 20:17-29
10/29/17Why Judas? IIRonnie WeaverJohn 6:63-70
10/22/17The Life of JobGreg OlsonJob 5:1-27
10/15/17Why Judas? IRonnie WeaverJohn 6:63-70
10/08/17He Will See You Through IIRonnie WeaverPsalm 42
09/24/17He Will See You Through IRonnie WeaverPsalm 42
09/17/17Baptism ServiceRonnie WeaverActs 8:35-40
09/10/1752nd Homecoming ServiceRonnie WeaverJohn 14:1-4
09/03/17Called To Connect VRonnie WeaverJohn 4:1-26
08/27/17Called To Connect IVRonnie WeaverJohn 4:1-26
08/20/17Called To Connect IIIRonnie WeaverJohn 4:1-26
08/13/17Called To Connect IIRonnie Weaver1 Samuel 18:8-16
08/06/17Called To Connect IRonnie Weaver1 Samuel 18:1-7
07/30/17It's Not Too LateRonnie Weaver2 Corinthians 11:24-27
07/23/17Back To BasicsGreg Olson2 Timothy 3:10-17
07/16/17Lost GenerationRonnie WeaverDeuteronomy 5:9
07/09/17FrustrationRonnie Weaver2 Corinthians 12:6-10
07/02/17Courage IIRonnie WeaverII Kings 6:14-22
06/25/17CourageRonnie WeaverII Kings 6:14-22
06/18/17A Good ManRonnie WeaverEzekiel 22:30
06/11/17Follow the LeaderRonnie WeaverNumbers 9:15-23
06/04/17Ready for Rain IIIRonnie Weaver1 Kings 18:41-45
05/28/17Ready for Rain IIRonnie Weaver1 Kings 18:41-45
05/14/17How to Face Darkness IVRonnie WeaverPsalm 143
05/07/17How to Face Darkness IIIRonnie WeaverPsalm 143
04/30/17How To Face Darkness IIRonnie WeaverPsalm 143
04/23/17How To Face Darkness IRonnie WeaverPsalm 143
04/16/17The Mystery of God's Love IIRonnie WeaverDeuteronomy 21:21-23
04/09/17The Mystery of God's Love IRonnie WeaverRomans 11:21-32
04/02/17A Relevant JesusRonnie WeaverLuke 7:31
03/26/17Connections & Needs (Part III)Ronnie WeaverJoshua 5:12
03/19/17Connections & Needs (Part II)Ronnie WeaverJoshua 5:12
03/12/17Connections & Needs (Part I)Ronnie WeaverPhilippians 4:10-19
03/05/17In Three Days (Part V)Ronnie WeaverActs 28:16-17
02/26/17In Three Days (Part IV)Ronnie WeaverActs 28:1-6
02/19/17In Three Days (Part III)Ronnie Weaver2 Corinthians 12:7
02/12/17In Three Days (Part II)Ronnie WeaverMatthew 12:40
02/05/17In Three Days (Part I)Ronnie WeaverJob 42:10
01/29/17The Destiny of God: TruthRonnie WeaverJude 1:9
01/01/17Proper PrioritiesRonnie WeaverExodus 4:13-30
12/25/16PeaceRonnie WeaverLuke 2:13-14
12/18/16Seeing God Face to FaceRonnie WeaverJohn 2:1-25
12/04/16I BelieveRonnie WeaverMatthew 1:18-28
11/27/16The Love of GodRonnie WeaverLuke 19:1-10
11/20/16Giving Thanks for The Spiritual HeartRonnie WeaverLuke 17:11-19
11/13/16Operation Christmas ChildRonnie WeaverPrayer Service
11/06/16Thank You JesusGreg Olson1 Thessalonians 5:18
10/30/16The Price of Influence IIRonnie WeaverJoshua 3
10/23/16The Price of Influence IRonnie WeaverLuke 22:54-62
10/16/16NeglectRonnie WeaverHebrews 2:1-4
09/25/16Believe In Yourself IIRonnie WeaverExodus 4:1-5
09/18/16Believe In YourselfRonnie WeaverExodus 4:1-5
09/11/16A Pastor's PrayerWes JohnsonEphesians 1:16-23, 3:14-21
09/04/16A Season of Influence IIRonnie WeaverMatthew 28:18-20
08/28/16A Season of Influence IRonnie WeaverJohn 13:27-30
08/21/16Let It Go IIRonnie WeaverMatthew 5:1-11
08/14/16Let It GoRonnie WeaverMatthew 5:1-11
08/07/16The Atmosphere of the Supernatural IIIRonnie WeaverLuke 18:34-43
07/31/16The Atmosphere of the Supernatural IIRonnie WeaverLuke 18:34-43
07/24/16The Atmosphere of the Supernatural IRonnie WeaverLuke 18:34-43
07/17/16Music ServiceBob, Jason, Jennifer & LisaMusic
07/10/16Blessings of AmericaRonnie WeaverPsalms 85
07/03/16Freedom SymbolsGreg OlsonFreedom Symbols
06/26/16Our AnchorRonnie WeaverHebrews 2
06/19/16How Do You Spell Character? "DAD"Ronnie WeaverProverbs 23
06/12/16AnswersRonnie WeaverHabakkuk 2:1-20
06/05/16QuestionsRonnie WeaverHabakkuk 1:1-17
05/29/16Exposing "The Judas Spirit"Ronnie WeaverJohn 13:21-32
05/22/16Under Construction IIRonnie WeaverLuke 22:31-34
05/15/16Under Construction IRonnie WeaverLuke 22:31-34
05/08/16Mother's Day ServiceBeverly WeeksGenesis 16
04/24/16It is What it IsRonnie Weaver2 Samuel 9:1-4
04/17/16Working By FaithRonnie WeaverHebrews 11:1-7
04/10/16Faith That BuildsRonnie WeaverHebrews 11:1-7
04/03/16Being ScatteredRonnie WeaverJames 1:1-18
03/27/16Forgive ThemRonnie WeaverLuke 23:34
03/20/16When Things Change IIRonnie WeaverRomans 12:1 & 2
03/13/16When Things Change IRonnie WeaverRomans 12:1, Luke 15:11
03/06/16The Power of WordsRonnie WeaverProverbs 18
02/28/16BuildingRonnie WeaverNehemiah 7:1-4
02/21/16SymbolsRonnie WeaverNehemiah 7:1-4
02/14/16Dry TimesRonnie WeaverNehemiah 7:1-3
02/07/16The Value of a MomentRonnie Weaver2 Corinthians 4:1-8
01/31/16Moving Into MaturityRonnie WeaverHebrews 6:1-8, 1:1-2
01/24/16The Challenge of CharacterRonnie WeaverDaniel 1:1-16, 6:10
01/17/16What God Wants Most From UsRonnie WeaverGenesis 12:1-12
01/10/16The Power of AtmosphereRonnie WeaverActs 3:1-5
01/03/16A Stable PlaceRonnie WeaverJohn 15:1-5, 15-16
12/27/15Ever Day Can Be ChristmasRonnie WeaverProverbs 23:7
12/20/15Supernatural ChristmasRonnie WeaverMatthew 1:18-25, Luke 1:26-38
12/06/15Confirmation IIRonnie WeaverLuke 1:5-13
11/29/15ConfirmationRonnie WeaverLuke 1:1-4
11/22/15ThanksgivingRonnie WeaverEphesians 5:15-21
11/15/15"Come" VRonnie WeaverMark 4:17-20
11/08/15"Come" IVRonnie WeaverMark 4:1-16
11/01/15"Come" IIIRonnie WeaverMark 4:1-15
10/25/15"Come" IIRonnie WeaverMatthew 14:21-32
10/18/15"Come"Ronnie WeaverMatthew 14:21-29
10/11/15Titles or TowelsRonnie WeaverJohn 13:1-9
10/04/15The Power of ConversationRonnie WeaverProverbs 18:20-21
09/27/15Committed to Who You AreRonnie WeaverGenesis 29
09/20/15Faith in GodGary ManningHebrews 11:1-3
09/13/15The Glory of ChristFrank Purvis2 Corinthians 3:17-18
09/06/15Seven Strategies of the Church VIRonnie WeaverJohn 1:12, Acts 1:8
08/30/15Seven Strategies of the Church VRonnie WeaverPsalm 103
08/23/15Seven Strategies of the Church IVRonnie WeaverPsalm 103
08/16/15Seven Strategies of the Church IIIRonnie WeaverPsalm 103
08/09/15Seven Strategies of the Church IIRonnie WeaverPsalm 103
08/02/15Seven Strategies of the Church IRonnie WeaverPsalm 103
07/26/15Release IIIRonnie WeaverLuke 22:31-35
07/19/15Release IIRonnie WeaverJohn 8:36
07/12/15Release IRonnie WeaverJohn 8:36
07/05/15God Has A PlanRonnie WeaverMatthew 21
06/28/15I Am Uniquely Me IIIRonnie WeaverExodus 2:11-22
06/21/15FatherhoodRonnie WeaverPsalms 128
06/14/15I Am Uniquely Me IIRonnie WeaverExodus 2:11-22
06/07/15I Am Uniquely Me IRonnie Weaver1 Kings 3:3-15
05/31/15The Battle of Control IIRonnie WeaverGalatians 1:1-2
05/24/15The Battle of Control IRonnie WeaverGalatians 1:1-2
05/10/15Mothers: Gifts From GodRonnie WeaverLuke 1:5-38
05/03/15Strategy for a StrongholdRonnie Weaver1 Peter 1:1-13
04/26/15When God Uses Both Hands IIRonnie WeaverJob 23:1-10
04/19/15When God Used Both HandsRonnie WeaverJob 23:1-9
04/12/15A Place of PainRonnie Weaver2 Samuel 1:1-15
04/05/15The Road to EmmausRonnie WeaverLuke 24:13-30
03/29/15Gaining a Heart of WisdomJames SwaffordPsalms 90:12
03/15/15Now IIRonnie WeaverJohn 4
03/08/15Now IRonnie WeaverJohn 4
02/22/15Faith That Can Be Seen IIRonnie WeaverMark 2:1-12
02/15/15Faith That Can Be Seen IRonnie WeaverMark 2:1-12
02/08/15The Love of GodRonnie WeaverEphesians 3:17-18
02/01/15Serving with Results VRonnie WeaverJohn 13:1
01/25/15Serving with Results IVRonnie WeaverJohn 13:1
01/18/15Serving with Results IIIRonnie WeaverJohn 12:1-11
01/11/15Serving with Results IIRonnie WeaverJohn 12:1-11
01/04/15Serving with Results IRonnie WeaverJohn 12:1-11
12/28/14To Turn or OverturnRonnie WeaverMatthew 14
12/14/14The Need to ChangeRonnie WeaverMatthew 3
12/07/14Fear of Not Being NeededRonnie WeaverJoshua 14:6-12
11/23/14Strategy: Be Effective Now VRonnie Weaver2 Corinthians 10
11/09/14Strategy: Be Effective Now IVRonnie Weaver2 Corinthians 10
10/26/14Strategy: Be Effective Now IIIRonnie WeaverJudges 15:10-17
10/19/14The Power of PrayerGary ManningJohn 14:12-18
10/12/14Strategy: Be Effective Now IIRonnie WeaverHebrews 12:1
10/05/14Strategy: Be Effective Now IRonnie WeaverEphesians 1:4
09/28/14The Power of Relevance IIRonnie WeaverJohn 11:1-7
09/21/14The Power of Relevance IRonnie WeaverJohn 11:1-7
09/14/14The Offense of the CrossJim Medlin1 Corinthians 1:17-18
09/07/14Stuck at the Gate IVRonnie WeaverActs 3:1-10
08/31/14Stuck at the Gate IIIRonnie WeaverActs 3:1-10
08/24/14Stuck at the Gate IIRonnie WeaverActs 3:1-10
08/17/14Stuck at the Gate IRonnie WeaverActs 3:1-10
08/10/14God Puts Things Together IIRonnie WeaverEzekiel 37:1-6
07/27/14God Puts Things Together IRonnie WeaverEzekiel 37:1-6
07/20/14Senior's DayRonnie Weaver
07/13/14Baggage Bondage IIIRonnie WeaverRomans 8:1
07/06/14Baggage Bondage IIRonnie WeaverLuke 4:18-19
06/29/14Baggage Bondage IRonnie WeaverLuke 4:18-19
06/15/14Challenge of a Good ManRonnie WeaverPsalms 128
06/08/14What to do at the Turning Point IIIRonnie WeaverJoshua 1
06/01/14What to do at the Turning Point IIRonnie WeaverJoshua 1
05/25/14What to do at the Turning Point IRonnie WeaverJoshua 1
05/18/14YetRonnie Weaver1 Samuel 3:7
05/11/14The Power of InfluenceRonnie WeaverRomans 5:2-5
05/04/14When Believing is not Enough VIRonnie WeaverHebrews 11:1-12
04/27/14The Ark of the CovenantWalter TateLeviticus 16:3
04/20/14The Passion of DifferenceRonnie WeaverMatthew 16:13-17
04/06/14The Believing is not Enough VRonnie WeaverHebrews 11:1-12
03/30/14The Believing is not Enough IVRonnie WeaverHebrews 11:1-12
03/16/14The Believing is not Enough IIIRonnie WeaverRomans 12:3
03/09/14The Believing is not Enough IIRonnie WeaverHebrews 11:1-12
03/02/14The Believing is not Enough IRonnie WeaverHebrews 11:1-12
02/23/14The Price of Purpose IIRonnie WeaverNehemiah 1:1-5
02/16/14The Price of Purpose IRonnie WeaverNehemiah 1:1-4
02/09/14Fainting but Still Fighting IVRonnie WeaverJudges 7:1-8
02/02/14Fainting but Still Fighting IIIRonnie WeaverJudges 8:1-5
01/26/14Fainting but Still Fighting IIRonnie WeaverJudges 8:1-5
01/19/14Fainting but Still Fighting IRonnie WeaverJudges 6:1-2
01/12/14Making an ImpactRonnie WeaverJudges 8:1-5
01/05/14Understanding Forgiveness IIRonnie WeaverEphesians 2:8
12/29/13Understanding Forgiveness IRonnie WeaverJohn 3:16
12/08/13Getting Our Head Right IIIRonnie WeaverMark 2:18-22
12/01/13Getting Our Head Right IIRonnie WeaverMark 2:18-22
11/24/13Getting Our Head Right IRonnie WeaverMark 2:18-22
11/17/13When is 'Then'Ronnie WeaverGenesis 45:1-11
11/10/13'So' Part IVRonnie WeaverJeremiah 18:1-6
10/27/13'So' Part IIRonnie WeaverJeremiah 18:1-6
10/20/13'So' Part IRonnie WeaverJeremiah 18:1-6
10/13/13Casting Down ImaginationsRonnie Weaver2 Corinthians 10:5
10/02/13Fall Revival Night IVWes JohnsonMatthew 7:13-14
10/01/13Fall Revival Night IIIWes Johnson
09/30/13Fall Revival Night IIWes JohnsonMatthew 5:14-16
09/30/13Fall Revival Night IIWes JohnsonMatthew 5:14-16
09/29/13ObstaclesSteve GriceLuke 19:1-9
09/22/13A Prayer for the ChurchDebora StilleyEphesians 3:14-21
09/15/13DisappointmentRonnie WeaverJohn 21:5-6
09/08/13The Prodigal SonPerry TurnerLuke 15:1-32
09/01/13Walking With GodJim MedlinEphesians 4
08/25/13When Strong Men StruggleRonnie Weaver1 Samuel 30:1-8
08/18/13Keeping Your Eyes Upon ChristClayton SuttonGenesis 37:1-19
08/11/13Our God of ComfortClayton SuttonIsaiah 40:1-11
08/04/13The Mission IITerry Batten
07/28/13RelationshipsWendell DayDeuteronomy 8:2-3
07/21/13Dressed for SuccessDebora StilleyColossians 3:12-17
07/14/13Praying Jesus's WayJames SwaffordLuke 11:1-4
07/07/13The Mission ITerry BattenPsalm 23
06/30/13The MalefactorsTony SasserLuke 23:32-43
05/26/13Solomon's Riches: WisdomGordon Flanagan1 Kings 3
05/19/13David's Traits: His KindnessGordon Flanagan2 Samuel 9
05/12/13David's Traits: His CourageGordon Flanagan1 Samuel 17YouTube
04/14/13God's Mouthpiece: The CounselGordon Flanagan1 Samuel 8
04/07/13God's Mouthpiece: The CallGordon Flanagan1 Samuel 2-3
03/31/13Salvation in the Psalms: DeliveranceGordon FlanaganPsalms 116
03/24/13Salvation in the Psalms: WorshipGordon FlanaganPsalms 118:19-29YouTube
03/17/13Salvation in the Psalms: ForgivenessGordon FlanaganPsalms 51YouTube
03/10/13Being a Thriving ChristianGreg OlsonYouTube
03/03/13Salvation in the Psalms: ConfidenceGordon FlanaganPsalms 27YouTube
02/24/13God's Love Story: TrustGordon FlanaganPsalms 56YouTube
02/17/13God's Love Story: PeaceGordon FlanaganPsalms 85YouTube
02/10/13God's Love Story: Our HopeGordon FlanaganPsalms 130YouTube
02/03/13A Scout is...Gordon FlanaganNumbers 13 & 14YouTube
01/27/13God Protects the UnbornGordon FlanaganIsaiah 59YouTube
01/20/13God Plans for the UnbornGordon FlanaganJer 1:1-10YouTube
01/13/13God Knows the UnbornGordon FlanaganPsalms 139:1-16YouTube
01/06/13What About 2013??Gordon FlanaganDeuteronomy 6YouTube
12/30/12The Gift You KeepGordon FlanaganRomans 5YouTube
12/23/12Christ: Our Joy at ChristmasGordon FlanaganHebrews 12:1-15YouTube
12/16/12Christ: Our Pattern of Love at ChristmasGordon FlanaganJohn 15:12-27YouTube
12/09/12Christ: Our PeaceGordon FlanaganEphesians 2:11-22YouTube
12/02/12Christ: Our Hope at ChristmasGordon FlanaganColossians 1:13-29YouTube
11/25/12I'm Thankful for: JesusGordon Flanagan1 Timothy 1:12-20
11/18/12I'm Thankful for: FamilyGordon FlanaganJoshua 24:1-28YouTube
11/11/12I'm Thankful for: FreedomGordon FlanaganGalatians 5:1-18YouTube
11/04/12I'm Thankful for: CitizenshipGordon FlanaganPhilippians 3:2-21YouTube
10/28/12Christian Fear Factor: The SupernaturalGordon FlanaganLuke 8:26-39YouTube
10/21/12Christian Fear Factor: DeathGordon Flanagan1 Thess. 4:13-18YouTube
10/14/12Christian Fear Factor: Hearing GodGordon Flanagan1 Kings 19:1-18YouTube
10/07/12Christian Fear Factor: WitnessingGordon FlanaganMark 8:27-38YouTube
10/03/12Revival 2012 Night 4Frank PurvisYouTube
YouTube - Part 2
10/02/12Revival 2012 Night 3Frank Purvis
10/01/12Revival 2012 Night 2Frank PurvisYouTube
YouTube - Part 2
09/30/12Revival 2012 Night 1Frank PurvisYouTube - Part 2
09/30/12Christian Fear Factor: The UnknownGordon FlanaganMatthew 14:22-33YouTube
YouTube - Part 2
09/23/12Duty or FaithlessnessGordon FlanaganJohn 14:15-28
09/16/12To Be Rather Than to SeemGordon Flanagan1 Corinthians 3
09/09/12Homecoming 2012Barry Stallings
09/02/12To Do Rather than To ObserveGordon Flanagan2 Corinthians 5:14-21
08/26/12To Give Rather than to TakeGordon FlanaganMatthew 10:27-42
08/19/12To Love Rather than to JudgeGordon FlanaganLuke 6:27-38
08/12/12The Church on the Move: End of the BeginningGordon FlanaganActs 28
08/05/12The Church on the Move: Stormy SeasGordon FlanaganActs 27
07/29/12The Church on the Move: Almost PersuadedGordon FlanaganActs 26
07/15/12The COM: Faultless to Stand Before the ThroneGordon FlanaganActs 25
07/08/12Don't Worry About ItJames SwaffordMatthew 6:33
07/01/12The Church on the Move: Truth, Justice, and DelayGordon FlanaganActs 24
06/24/12The Church on the Move: Paul's CharacterGordon FlanaganActs 23
06/17/12How to be a Great ManGordon FlanaganPs. 128
06/10/12The Church on the Move: Paul's Apology - Part IGordon FlanaganActs 22
06/03/12The Church on the Move: 'P' SoupGordon FlanaganActs 21
05/27/12The Church on the Move: UnstoppableGordon FlanaganActs 20
05/20/12The Church on the Move: The Wrong FightGordon FlanaganActs 19:21-41
05/13/12Where is She?Gordon FlanaganProverbs 31:10-31
05/06/12The Historical JesusJason Glisson
04/29/12The Church on the Move: Knowing and Being KnownGordon FlanaganActs 19:1-20
04/22/12The Church on the Move: MinistriesGordon FlanaganActs 18
04/15/12The Church on the Move: ReasoningGordon FlanaganActs 17:1-15
04/08/12After Easter - What Next?Gordon FlanaganLuke 24:13-35
04/01/12The Church on the Move: Fools in the CrowdGordon FlanaganActs 17:16-34
03/18/12The Church on the Move: CouncilGordon FlanaganActs 15
03/11/12The Church on the Move: JourneysGordon FlanaganActs 14
03/04/12The Church on the Move: Missions IIGordon FlanaganActs 13
02/26/12The Church on the Move: MissionsGordon FlanaganActs 13
02/19/12The Church on the Move: ProblemsGordon FlanaganActs 12
02/12/12The Church on the Move: ConvertsGordon FlanaganActs 11
02/05/12The Church on the Move: GentilesGordon FlanaganActs 10
01/29/12The Church on the Move: TLCGordon FlanaganActs 9:21-43
01/22/12The Church on the Move: TestimonyGordon FlanaganActs 9:20-30
01/15/12The Church on the Move: TransformationGordon FlanaganActs 9:1-19
01/08/12The Church on the Move: EthiopianGordon FlanaganActs 8:26-40
01/01/12A New Year Starts With GodGordon FlanaganGalatians 1
12/25/11Gift Under a TreeGordon FlanaganRomans 5
12/18/11Joy for MourningGordon FlanaganIsaiah 61:1-3
11/20/11Thanksgiving - HopeGordon FlanaganPs. 107
11/13/11Thanksgiving - ReasonGordon Flanagan1 Chronicles 16:7-36
11/06/11Thanksgiving HistoryGordon FlanaganLev. 7:11-16, Lev.22:8-30
10/30/11The Church on the Move: EnchantmentGordon FlanaganActs 8:9-25
10/23/11The Church on the Move: ExpansionGordon FlanaganActs 8:1-8
10/16/11The Church on the Move: SleepGordon FlanaganActs 7:54-60
10/09/11The Church on the Move: SermonGordon FlanaganActs 7:1-53
10/02/11The Church on the Move: StirringGordon FlanaganActs 6:8-15
09/28/11Revival MessageJohn Randolph
09/11/11Patriot SongsGordon FlanaganPsalms 85
08/21/11The Church on the Move: PurityGordon FlanaganActs 5:1-11
08/14/11The Church on the Move: WaysGordon FlanaganActs 4:32-37
08/07/11The Church on the Move: WarningGordon FlanaganActs 4:14-31
07/31/11The Church on the Move: WisdomGordon FlanaganActs 4:1-13
07/24/11The Church on the Move: ExhortationGordon FlanaganActs 3:12-26
07/10/11Jesus and PentecostDan Chaimovich
06/26/11The Church on the Move: ProceduresGordon FlanaganActs 2:42-47
06/19/11The Church on the Move: PatriarchsGordon FlanaganActs 2:14-39
06/12/11The Church on the Move: PentecostGordon FlanaganActs 2:1-13
06/05/11The Church on the Move: PrologueGordon FlanaganActs 1
05/15/11Hell?? Yes!!: ExplanationGordon FlanaganMatthew 5:13-26
05/01/11Hell?? Yes!!: EnemyGordon FlanaganIsaiah 14:12-21
04/24/11The Death of the King : PurposeGordon FlanaganJohn 20:19-31
04/17/11The Death of the King:ProcessionGordon FlanaganJohn 12:12-26
04/03/11Death of the King:ProphecyGordon FlanaganIsaiah 53
03/27/11Advice From Jail: Exalt, Encourage, ExhortGordon FlanaganColossians 4
03/20/11Advice from Jail: The InstitutionGordon FlanaganColossians 3:18-25
03/06/11ChoicesGeorge GlissonJohn 13:34,1 Peter 2:17
02/27/11Advice from Jail: The New GuyGordon FlanaganColossians 3:12-17
02/20/11Advice from Jail: Killing my Old ManGordon FlanaganColossians 3:1-11
02/13/11Advice from Jail: Give me Liberty or Give me DeathGordon FlanaganColossians 2:11-23
02/06/11Advice from Jail: Don't Know Much About PhilosophyGordon FlanaganColossians 2:1-10
01/30/11Advice from Jail: Fixed up and FormedGordon FlanaganColossians 1:19-29
01/23/11Advice from Jail: Faith in His PowerGordon FlanaganColossians 1:1-18
01/09/11Advice from JailGordon FlanaganPhilemon 1
01/02/11The Choice: Forward or Reverse?Gordon FlanaganPhil. 3:1-16
12/19/10Joy at ChristmasGordon FlanaganJohn 16:19-24
12/12/10True Love at ChristmasGordon FlanaganLuke 6:27-38
12/05/10Peace in the House of the LordGordon FlanaganPsalms 122
11/28/10Our Hope at ChristmasGordon FlanaganRomans 5:1-11
11/21/10Communion: An Honest Look in the MirrorGordon Flanagan1 Corinthians 11:27-34
11/14/10Communion: Christ's InstitutionGordon Flanagan1 Corinthians 11:23-26
10/24/10Your Money Matters: DebtGordon FlanaganProverbs 6:1-11
10/17/10Your Money Matters: CharityGordon FlanaganProverbs 3:27-35
10/10/10Your Money Matters: TitheGordon FlanaganPsalms 116
10/03/10Your Money Matters: RichesGordon FlanaganPsalms 49
09/29/10Revival Message 4Brian Rogers
09/28/10Revival Message 3Brian RogersEphesians 3:20
09/27/10Revival Message 2Brian Rogers
09/26/10Money Matters: OwnershipGordon FlanaganPsalms 24
09/26/10Revival Message 1Brian Rogers
09/19/104 Keys to RevivalGordon FlanaganII Chronicles 34
09/12/10Jesus is Coming SoonEdsel HooksMatthew 24:4-8
09/05/10The Church of the Living DeadGordon FlanaganRev. 3:1-6
08/29/10Faith or Fables?Gordon Flanagan1 Timothy 1:1-11
08/22/10Living Foolishly in a Wise WorldGordon Flanagan1 Corinthians 1:18-31
08/15/10Exalting Jesus ChristJim MedlinMatthew 17
08/08/10What is Truth: Certainty, Compassion, CommandsGordon Flanagan1 John 5
08/01/10What is Truth: Truth and ComprehensionGordon Flanagan1 John 4
07/25/10What is Truth: Truth and LoveGordon Flanagan1 John 3
07/11/10What is Truth: Knowing and LivingGordon Flanagan1 John 2
07/04/10The Faith of Our FoundersCaptain Thomas BatesPsalms 33:12
06/27/10How "to do" ChurchGordon Flanagan1 Corinthians 9:19-27
06/20/10The Message, the Mirage, and the MandateGordon Flanagan2 Corinthians 4:1-15
06/13/10Keep the Main Thing the Main ThingDebora StilleyMatthew 6:33
06/06/10The Ooey, gooey godGordon FlanaganPsalms 115:3-8
05/30/10Honoring SacrificeJames SwaffordJohn 15:13
05/23/10Fight Right: That's OffensiveGordon FlanaganEphesians 6:16-20
05/16/10Fight Right: Defense! DefenseGordon FlanaganEphesians 6:14-15
05/09/10A Lady Too Wonderful to LoseGordon FlanaganActs 9:36-43
04/25/10Family Ties - Workin for the ManGordon FlanaganEphesians 6:5-9
04/18/10Family Ties - It's For the ChildrenGordon FlanaganEphesians 6:1-5
04/11/10Family Ties - A Marriage made in Heaven?Gordon FlanaganEphesians 5:22-33
04/04/10Family Ties - Christ the FoundationGordon FlanaganEphesians 5:1-7
04/01/10Maundy Thursday MessageGordon Flanagan
03/28/10Personal Testimony and about the Passover mealDavid Nizen
03/21/10The High Cost of WitnessingGordon FlanaganLuke 12:4-12
03/14/10Gideon SundayGideon Speaker
02/28/10Respect, Redemption & RewardGordon FlanaganRuth 4
02/21/10Security, Submission, & SalvationGordon FlanaganRuth 3
02/14/10The Field, the Faithful, and the FavorGordon FlanaganRuth 2
02/07/10Doubt, Disaster, Double-Dealing & DesireGordon FlanaganRuth 1
01/31/10Discipleship - How to Get From Here to ThereGordon FlanaganJoshua 1:1-9
01/24/101/24/10 SermonGordon Flanagan
01/17/101/17/10 SermonGordon Flanagan
01/10/10Prayer: At My Father's ThroneGordon FlanaganMatthew 21:13
01/03/101/3/10 SermonGordon Flanagan
12/27/0912/27/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
12/13/0912/13/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
11/22/0911/22/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
11/15/0911/15/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
11/08/0911/8/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
11/01/0911/1/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
10/25/0910/25/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
10/18/0910/18/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
10/11/0910/11/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
10/04/0910/4/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
09/27/099/27/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
09/20/099/20/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
09/16/09Fall Revival 2009 #2Jim Medlin
09/15/09Fall Revival 2009Jim Medlin
09/13/09Homecoming 2009Jim Medlin
09/06/099/6/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
08/30/098/30/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
08/23/098/23/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
08/16/098/16/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
08/09/098/9/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
08/02/098/02/09 SermonGordon Flanagan
07/19/097/19/09 SermonGordon Flanagan

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